Happy National Dog Day! Here Are 26 Reasons Why Dogs Are Awesome.

We're at the peak of the dog days of summer, so it's only natural that late August would be home to National Dog Day. In honor of August 26th, here are 26 reasons why dogs are amazing!

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    They're ALWAYS excited to see you!

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  • 2

    They're super persistent (especially when tennis balls are involved).

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  • 3

    They can help their visually impaired owners graduate.

    Via: AJC

  • 4

    Having a dog means less having to go to the doctor.

    Via: Columbia News Source
    "Medical research supports that statement. In 1980, a group of doctors followed 92 people for a year after the subjects were admitted to a coronary care unit. The mortality rate among animal owners was only 6 percent, while that of their pet-less counterparts was 28 percent."

  • 5

    Even when they're guilty of something, they still manage to look cute.

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  • 6

    They have simple goals in life.

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  • 7

    Their big floppy ears!

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  • 8

    They can help with depression.

    Via: WebMD
    "Studies show that animals can reduce tension and improve mood. Along with treatment, pets can help some people with mild to moderate depression feel better. If you're depressed, here's a rundown of how pets could help."

  • 9

    They can be ultra-protective.

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  • 10

    They can help veterans overcome PTSD.

    Via: New York Times

  • 11

    They can help you be more social.

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    Whether it's on the street or at the dog park, it's easy to start a conversation with your dog as the subject.

  • 12

    They make excellent crime fighters.

    Via: Reddit

  • 13


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  • 14

    They love stuffed animals just like we do.

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  • 15

    They're great handshakers.

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  • 16

    They can detect cancer in humans.

    Via: ABC News
    A dog named who lives with Dr. Hideto Sonoda from Fukuoka Dental College Hospital in Japan has this special talent. Marine, a 8-year-old black Labrador retriever, detected colorectal cancer 91 percent of the time when sniffing patients' breath.

  • 17

    Did I mention the ears?

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  • 18

    They make a great addition to any neighborhood.

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  • 19

    They make great workout buddies.

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  • 20

    They do great celebrity impressions.

    Via: Reddit
    Like Samuel L. Dogson here!

  • 21

    Male dogs are perfect gentlemen.

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  • 22

    And females are perfect ladies.

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  • 23

    They're always down for a car ride.

    Via: Dogster

  • 24

    Or a walk.

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  • 25

    They'll always be there to comfort you when you have a bad day.

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  • 26

    And they'll always be our best friends.

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