9 Lolcat Myths (And One Hotdog) Busted!

Mythbusters has been around busting human inspired myths for the last 11 years. A few Lolcats and Hotdogs finally got tired of waiting for the animal version and took things into their own hands!

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    Start With An Easy Myth

    The next experiment will research faster than light kitteh travel. Cats could hold the secret to interstellar travel.

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    Then Take On Some Colossal Myths

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    Sometimes You Have To Take Risks For Science

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    Myth Splatted!

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    The Dog Won't Go Away Unless He Gets To Science Too

    Luck is a necessity with all of the explosions happening.

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    Science Requires Serious Funding With Reggie Around

    Looks like the good luck dog bone myth has been busted.

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    Reggie Returns For The Refrigerator Light Myth

    At some point you have to question his motives as a Mythbuster..

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    No Need To Keep Blaming This On The Dog

    Reggie! Step away from the explosives.

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    After A Hard Day Of Science, This Is The Myth We All Deserve

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    Screwing Around Has Its Merits Though

    Bravo to all the good scientists who submitted their hard work to JeffCatsBookClub for this groundbreaking project.

    If you have a myth that needs busting, let us know in the comments.
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