18 Parents That Trolled Their Kids By Recreating Their Selfies (New Pics)

Sure, parents can be embarrassing... but what's worse than having them recreate your photos on social media? Having them post it on social media too!!

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    These Parents That Had Fun Recreating Their Daughters Wanna Be Steamy Selfie Pics

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    And over again.

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    This dad that went all out...

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    Getting all the props,

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    He loves to troll his daughters photos

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    Dad's do it better

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    The I Don't Care, winner is...

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    This dad with the perfect cat eye

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    This dad that throws a better peace sign

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    And winning the trolling game every time.

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    There was a problem rendering this video - it may have been deleted.
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    This dad that didn't care for his daughter's new tattoo, and wanted her to know it

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    These parents who know how to troll

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    A family affair!

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    This dad, that's trying to keep a straight face.

    Cheezburger Image 9069957888
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    This dad that re-created his son's makeup... guess now we know where is son gets his talent!

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    Via: spxncxrx
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