8 Moments That Taught Us All About Our Grumpy Scottish Doctor

In preparation for the final episode of Doctor Who: Series 8, Death in Heaven, we're counting down the lines and moments that warmed us to Peter Capaldi's darker, grumpier, entirely Scottish Doctor. Some of these are mean, silly or inspiring, but they're all entirely honest.

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    When We Knew This Doctor Was Bred For Action

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    Via: f*yespetercapaldi
    Is there a better tool in the search for Gallifrey than eyebrows designed for war? Matt Smith would never have been able to unlock the cup of soup with his hairless brow, good thing Capaldi showed up with his fear inducing countenance.

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    The Moment We Learned The Limits of His Patience

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    This Doctor doesn't take any guff. Especially if you're as annoying as Robin Hood. We'd punch him, too.

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    When We Realized His Tastes Had Changed

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    The Doctor's new look is straight up Rebel Time Lord. The only hint of eccentric accessory is an awesome red lining. He'll never let anyone forget how silly his past wardrobe could be.

    Maybe he shouldn't be so smug, he does look a bit magician:

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    The Moment He Revealed His Taste in Music

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    If you were a school janitor, would you whistle anything else?

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    When We Figured Out He Isn't So Afraid of Death

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    Remember when Doctor's 10 and 11 were obsessed with saving everyone? I wonder how they feel about 12.

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    When We Learned How He Flirts

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    Via: Tom Hazeldine
    When they said there'd be no flirting this season, what they meant was "He'll just flirt like a ten-year-old". Good thing Rose isn't there:

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    When He Proved He's a Master Tactician

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    Via: attackoneyebrows
    He makes perfectly detailed plans with absolutely no chance for mistakes and failure.

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    The Moment He Became As Romantic As Any Other Doctor

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    Via: therainbowpastels
    All the Doctor needs to prove he's still awesome, is a long monologue about Mankind's tenacity during space travel. Indomitable!


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    All The Banter You Thought He Hated In One Video

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    Via: AreBribbleLover
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