These Cats Don't Even Know They've Walked Into Your Trap

Ever just want your cat to show up? Well take a look at some people who have mastered how to trap their cats...

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    Find anything and put it on the floor...

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    Via: jakeinator21

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    100% Organic Cat Trap

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    Via: XirallicBolts

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    Via: techeblog

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    Traveling Cat Trap... Just open the bag and wait .003 seconds

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    Via: Sariel007

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    Cat Trap, moving day. Just pretend like you're making a new box.

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    Via: themoralatheist

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    Make sure for two cats to get 2 boxes... they don't share!

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    Via: KennaCupcakez

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    Best trick? Buy something for the cat and leave the box.

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    Via: thetoastmonster

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    Via: Cheezburger

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    The triple threat... depends on the cats personality

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    Via: shtzggz

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    place boxes in an area to your liking

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    Via: umenohana

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    Via: dailylolpics

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    make sure its a tight fit... they like that

    Cheezburger Image 9074433280
    Via: bye-ya

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    If its big, make sure they have holes to see whats happening

    Cheezburger Image 9074433536
    Via: andielyric

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    Lay out fresh clean laundry... take another look. Oh the cat

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    Via: travelinguniverses
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