10 Inspiring Stories Of Bionic Animals With Prosthetic Legs

Truly inspiring!

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    Via: Reuters

    A cat named Pooh who lost his back legs in a road accident is back on a set of bionic feet after groundbreaking surgery in Bulgaria. The one-year-old stray was found injured in the countryside near the city of Pleven in April. Months later, surgeon Vladislav Zlatinov drilled into what was left of Pooh's limbs and fitted two blade-like implants. Pooh can't go back to his old life, sleeping outdoors and taking scraps of food from villagers. So staff at Sofia's Central Vet Clinic are looking for a new home. There have already been several applicants.

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    Via: CBS News

    A 48-year-old female elephant named Motala walks on her prosthetic leg at the Elephant Hospital in Lampang, north of Bangkok. Motala's leg was maimed after she stepped on a landmine at the Burma-Thai border 10 years earlier. (Phichaiyong Mayerku/Reuters)

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    Via: CBC News

    Tzvika, an injured female turtle, walks with the aid of wheels at a wildlife hospital in Tel Aviv. Tzvika was run over by a lawn mower, and the wheels elevate the turtle enough to keep her shell from wearing down while she walks. (Nir Elias/Reuters)

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    Pay De Limon

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    Via: CBC News

    A dog named Pay de Limon (Lemon Pie) runs with the help of two prosthetic legs at Milagros Caninos rescue shelter, in Mexico City, in August 2012. Members of a drug gang chopped off the dog's paws to practise cutting fingers off kidnapped people, according to the shelter. The prosthetic limbs were made at OrthoPets in Denver after the shelter was able to raise over $6,000. (Tomas Bravo/Reuters)

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    Via: CBS News

    A horse nicknamed Macho enjoys a meal in Mumbai . Doctors amputated the horse's front right leg and gave him a prosthesis after an animal welfare group found him on a highway bleeding from a leg wound. (Roy Madhur/Reuters)

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    Via: CBC News

    A Yorkshire terrier named Hope shows off her uni-wheel fitted to a vest in Longmont, Colo., in April 2013. Hope is missing one limb but is able to walk with the wheel attachment. (Rick Wilking/Reuters)

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    Chris P. Bacon

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    Via: CBC News

    A piglet known as Chris P. Bacon scoots across veterinarian Len Lucerno's office floor in Clermont, Fla., in February 2013. The piglet's hind legs were deformed and Lucero had fashioned a wheelchair out of K'nex toys to help the it walk. (Scott Audette/Reuters)

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    Via: CBC News

    An eight-month-old cat, walking with the help of a prosthetic two-wheel device, takes its first steps at a veterinary hospital in Chongqing, China, on March 16, 2015. The cat lost the use of its rear legs after a fall from a building few months earlier.

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    German Stork

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    Via: CBC News

    A white stork, which was brought to a shelter in Neuboehla, Germany, bends its artificial leg on Nov. 19. The bird's prosthesis, which cost about $1,300, was financed with donations. (Sebastin Willnow/AFP/Getty )

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    Via: CBS News

    Fuji the dolphin shows off her artificial tail fluke at Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, in Motobu, on the southern Japanese island of Okinawa. Fuji, estimated to be 37 years old, lost 75 per cent of her tail fin from disease in 2002. The dolphin can swim and jump using the artificial tail fluke, which is believed to be the world's first artificial fin for a dolphin, and was developed by veterinarians and the tire maker Bridgestone Co. (Issei Kato/Reuters)

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