Are Your Kids Having Trouble Coming Up With New Year's Resolutions?

Help them out with a few suggestions.

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    They could start small and try a few new vegetables.

    Via: Izismile

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    Or they could invest a little more time and energy into their schoolwork.

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    Find ways to make learning fun!

    Via: Vettro88

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    Encourage siblings to get along with each other, lest this...

    Via: Izismile

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    ...turn into this...

    Via: DoctorDisney

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    ...and end up like this.

    Via: Car Talk Facebook Page

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    Perhaps your kids need to work on their sharing skills.

    Via: Daily Picks and Flicks

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    (Practice with the cat first?)

    Via: Kitty Mania!!!

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    A messy child could resolve to keep his room cleaner.

    Via: dollarspeed

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    (Though you might not be the best person to help with that one.)

    Via: theCHIVE

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    Maybe this year everyone should just focus on setting attainable goals.

    Via: alanwoah
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