All the Best Highlights of the 2014-2015 NFL Season

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    With playcalling like this, it's no wonder that the Oakland Raiders went 3-13 this year.

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    One guy against three. Should be fine.

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    Odell Beckham Jr. had the catch of the week/year/decade/century/millennium.

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    But he wasn't the only one with an impressive one-handed catch this season.

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    Seriously, there were plenty of them.

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    Like this one, courtesy of DeAndre Hopkins.

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    The Jets needed to bust out the short yardage playbook for this one.

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    Maurice Jones-Drew bicycle-kicked a fumble to Derek "Not-Hyphenated" Carr.

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    The Falcons and Buccaneers must have been playing ping pong the way the ball changed possession.

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    No first down for Le'Veon Bell.

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    Aaron Rodgers with the nasty fake pass.

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    Jeremy Maclin destroys the hopes and dreams of an innocent Gatorade stand.

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    Speaking of getting destroyed...

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    R.I.P. in Pepperoni, Emmanuel Sanders (420-1337).

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    Colt McCoy got rekt by his own teammates.

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    "Don't mind me. It's just me, Andy Reid, head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, in the stands."

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    Marshawn Lynch never gives up.

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    Cooper Helfet brought Hulkamania to CenturyLink Field.

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    Coby Fleener receives a pass with no one in the same zip code as him... and drops it.

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    Jeremy Hill was denied entry to the Dawg Pound.

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    Oopsie again!

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    Judo chop!

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    Or is that a karate chop? Whatever!

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    Julian Edelman threw a 51-yard touchdown pass to Danny Amendola.

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    Kam Chancellor ran it back 89 yards against the Carolina Panthers.

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    Aaron Rodgers threw to Richard Rodgers for a Rodgers-to-Rodgers touchdown.

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    Jonathan Newsome got under Peyton Manning's skin.

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