9 Rather Odd Dating Sites

Do you have a specific partner in mind already, because whomever made these incredibly niche dating sites sure as hell did. Sure, maybe a few of these will make sense, but what about Sea Captain Date? Because that's some non sequitur nonsense right there.

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    For the Aesthetically Average

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    Via: Shiny Shiny
    I get this, not everyone is a beautiful swan, I'm sure not. And, this site gives no outrageous expectations

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    Date Your Weight

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    Via: Fat Bastard Dating
    Sort of the same thing as The Ugly Bug. Why try to fool anyone? Just be yourself.

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    Because Your Partner Should Have the Same Allergies As You

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    Via: Gluten Free Singles
    Ok, this is hipster nonsense. If you're gluten free, fine. But if you require someone to be gluten free, that's just weird.

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    Date a Seaman

    Cheezburger Image 8451789568
    Via: Sea Captain Date
    Sea Captain Date, it probably sounds classier than it is. Or, maybe you just want a mate who swears like a sailor.

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    Weed Out Your Suitors

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    Via: 420 Singles
    Chill people looking for other chill people. I imagine it's no big deal if you can't remember the other persons name, or if you don't know if you put them in your phone or not.

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    Turn a Sad Clown Happy

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    Via: Boo Hiccup
    Sadly this isn't around any more, go figure. I assume because it is TERRIFYING.

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    Need a Hole in One?

    Cheezburger Image 8451909632
    Via: Mandatory
    I assume this site exists just to keep the riff-raff out.

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    Only the STD Fish

    Cheezburger Image 8451911680
    Via: Herpes Fish
    Don't want any more awkward conversations about STDs? Well, Herpes Fish (why fish?) has got you covered.

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    When You Want to Horse Around

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    Via: Equestrian Singles
    You love horses, you like riding bare-back? Than this site is for you.

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