Tumblr Teaches History Better Than Any Professor Ever Did

"Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it. And those who do know history can laugh at those who made it."

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    History is full of hilarious events that weren't fortunate enough to occur in the time of cameras and video recorders.

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    Since the dawn of time, people have been doing hella dumb s**t.

    Via: overanalyzingtelevision

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    Although there's nothing dumb about the name of this soap.

    Via: we-have-history

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    Alexander the Great was pretty dumb when it came to naming cities, though.

    Via: we-have-history

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    Romans had trouble telling their kids apart.

    Via: skeleton-trees

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    But they got the month names right.

    Via: spongyspice

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    The birth of the Byzantine empire in a nutshell.

    Via: we-have-history

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    Makes sense.

    Via: we-have-history

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    Unlike traditional marriage, which makes no sense.

    Via: we-have-history

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    He'd be incensed.

    Via: beinggigantic

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    To get rid of the smell of burning bodies, burn incense.

    Via: we-have-history

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    The Black Death generally just sucked for everyone.

    Via: squiggleqcurly

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    "Millennials are the most spoiled generation ever." Riiight...

    Via: becca-morley

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    Mine, all mine.

    Via: becca-morley

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    Michelangelo was a master troll.

    Via: twogirlsonemajor

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    And basically bamboozled everybody.

    Via: twogirlsonemajor

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    Isaac Newton's hair just bamboozled the laws of physics.

    Via: kawaiipeculier

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    "Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once. Except Oliver Cromwell, what a scrub." -- William Shakespeare

    Via: schrodingersgat

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    The flag of the United Kingdom makes a bit of sense.

    Via: we-have-history

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    As does the colonial reaction to sugar taxes.

    Via: arialenelove

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    If you ever feel dumb...

    Via: becca-morley

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    Adolph Sax had a rough life.

    Via: we-have-history

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    Abraham Lincoln had a rough death.

    Via: becca-morley

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    Via: we-have-history

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    The moer u kno.

    Via: officialunitedstates

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    That or "Refutin'."

    Via: oxfordcommas-and-teacups

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    Historical events are bit like dominos falling over.

    Via: we-have-history

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    This solution was bloody brilliant.

    Via: giraffepoliceforce

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    'Mean Girls' was based off the American presidency.

    Via: we-have-history

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    Uh oh.

    Via: we-have-history

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    He definitely wouldn't have been kicked out of fashion school.

    Via: becca-morley

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    Full credit.

    Via: kanrose

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    World War II: Atomic Boogaloo

    Via: oxfordcommas-and-teacups

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    Well, you're not wrong, I guess...

    Via: we-have-history

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    Gurl, you fine as hell!

    Via: becca-morley

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    Better than the Black Death, at least.

    Via: prokopetz

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    I'm trying to think of a better pun, but I cong't think of any.

    Via: we-have-history

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    Slightly more than a trillion.

    Via: sugard3vil

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    We can hear you!

    Via: we-have-history

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    Via: we-have-history
    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a fairly non-exhaustive summary of the events that occurred from ancient times up until the 21st century. A few things happened in between, some invasions went down, some governments were overthrown. Y'know, small stuff.
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