Cities: Skylines is Everything SimCity Wanted to Be (and More)

In 2013, the world was treated to the latest entry in the SimCity franchise. To say that it was a disappointment would be a huge understatement. EA's killing of the SimCity franchise left a void in the world of simulation games, and filling such a void would prove to be... well... a colossal order (sorry).

Enter Colossal Order, a Finnish game developer consisting of nine people, who after two years of work, bring us Cities: Skylines, which is everything SimCity hoped to be.

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    You can build cities 25 times the size of those in SimCity.

    Via: andygoyap

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    And it's fully supported by mods.

    Via: A-T
    Here's a skyscraper mod of the Jin-Mao Tower in Shanghai, one of the tallest buildings in the world, as created by /u/A-T.

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    Of course, there's always room for kookiness.

    Via: correiajoao
    Why not have planes fly through the Gateway Arch?

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    Nyaaah! I'm a boat, b*tch!

    Via: SkyF1y

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    Seriously, boats go where they please.

    Via: TotalyMoo

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    Cities can look quite elegant.

    Via: DinoRambo

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    And you can zoom down to first-person view.

    Via: raiderofawesome

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    The devs of the game were quoted as saying that they don't think the game looks good enough from the ground level.

    Via: Migi8
    Okay, I get it, it's good to be humble and all that, but I mean seriously... come on.

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    Via: Migi8

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    Via: Migi8

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    Why not build some wacky roads?

    Via: Belannaer
    And a million civil engineers cried out in agony.

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    Worship the Daedric prince you want to, like Azura.

    Via: Remaille

  • 21

    Or Nocturnal.

    Via: Sotonian

  • 22

    Or mighty Talos.

    Via: Sotonian

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    Wayne Enterprises will make your cities' crime rates plummet.

    Via: Auldbenkenobi

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    I'm getting a distinct Catan vibe from this city.

    Via: YeppImNaked

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    The traffic is rather mesmerizing.

    Via: wezed

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    Someone even made a full-scale replica of Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V.

    Via: grockefeller

  • 27

    Down to every last detail.

    Via: grockefeller

  • 28

    Even Trevor's stomping grounds.

    Via: grockefeller

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    Via: grockefeller

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    Via: grockefeller

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    Via: grockefeller

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    The terrain editor doubles as a portrait maker.

    Via: FreedomChoseMe
    Blessed be his name.

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    Via: theRippedViking

  • 39

    The firemen might be a little derpy.

    Via: SomeoneWaterMyPlants

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    Just don't be derpy yourself and make a sewage dam high above your city.

    Via: Silent_Hastati

  • 41

    Or be prepared for a poopsplosion.

    Via: FilsketeerHD

  • 42

    Interchanges can be quite harmonious.

    Via: Guanlong

  • 43

    ... or they can make you want to puke.

    Via: lobotomistjavisst

  • 44

    Oh god, where's a bucket?

    Via: chrisassault

  • 45

    If you're not careful, you can accidentally make Venice.

    Via: Canadave

  • 46

    Or Detroit (the black and grey icon is for abandoned buildings).

    Via: Zafara1

  • 47

    Making San Francisco is fine, though.

    Via: MrLeb

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    Or just make any city you want!

    Via: maledin

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    But seriously though, watch those poopsplosions...

    Via: FilsketeerHD
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