How All Your Favorite Characters Fared on The Walking Dead Finale

Well, they tricked us again. Promising "sad losses" in the Season 5 finale, Walking Dead fans immediately feared the worst for their favorite characters. While the finale proved tense and the character deaths featured will promise great change in Alexandria, Rick's group came through pretty unscathed.

Here's what happened to your favorites:

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    There's a New Threat, The Wolves...

    Via: fairweatherfrey
    The episode opened on Morgan having a nice little chat with the oft-foreshadowed Wolves. Let's just say it didn't go to well for the "W" headed hooligans.

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    Because Morgan Has Excellent Bo Staff Skills

    Via: troyjthomas
    Last we saw Morgan in Season 3, he had a cache of weapons and a nice little town of insanity just for himself. Somewhere in the past couple of seasons, he became a straight up Ninja Turtle.

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    Sasha Went a Little Crazy

    Via: abbre
    I wonder if having her lay in a shallow grave, on a pile of Walkers, arms wide like Jesus in The Last Supper is a metaphor or something?

    Naw, she just cuckoo.

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    Daryl's Survival Skills Do Not Apply to Traps...

    Via: kendaspntwd
    Daryl's new bike sure looks good, but it didn't really help him this week. While he and Aaron were out scouting, they stumbled upon an Rube Goldberg style trap that left them surrounded in a car. So much for those tracking skills, eh Daryl?

    But he sure looks good on that bike.

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    Carol Wants You To Try

    Via: Daily Apocalypse
    In public Carol may be all cookies and casseroles, but once the door closes, she just wants you to try something. Seriously, just take a swing.

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    Glenn Was The Man Who Couldn't Die

    Via: abbre
    Nicholas is the worst. He's worse than Father Gabriel, which we didn't think was possible, but after he lures Glenn outside the walls and tries to kill him, we want him to meet up with Carol and her cookies.

    When Glenn ended up shot, and covered in Walkers, we knew it was over...

    But you can't keep a good man down.

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    Rick Grimes Will Put Down a B*tch

    Via: amc
    Rick and the group finally gave the Alexandria residents the honesty they deserve. Abraham was particularly eloquent:

    Then Pete had to go and interrupt everything with Michonne's sword and Spencer's throat. Once Rick got the word he didn't hesitate to put an end to that plot line. We just hope Morgan can handle this new Rick Grimes.

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