A Co-Worker Slowly Photoshopped Onto Comic Book Covers is The Best April Fool's Prank We've Seen All Day

Redditor ShortStuf7 pranked their co-worker, Edmond, by slowly adding his face to the X-Men comics that line his cubicle walls. Once his face was photoshopped on one of the mutants, ShortStuf7 would fold the new cover over the existing comic and wait for Edmond to notice.

It took longer than anyone expected.

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    Here's Edmond's Cubicle

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    The First Batch

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    Edmond had no idea that five of his comics had changed, so days later a it started again.

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    The Second Batch


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    Still, days passed and Edmond had no idea, so it was time to take it up a notch.

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    It Was Time To Get Serious

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    It was at this point, ShortStuf7, said goodbye to subtlety. Drawing Edmond's face and placing it dead center over Peter Parker's, and placing it right above his work laptop, Edmond would have to notice.


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    Swapped For a Classic Comic

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    So now, things got serious, and ShortStuf7 replaced a whole comic with this vintage Golden Age book complete with exploding Edmond heads.

    At this point, Edmond saw the comic had been replaced, but didn't notice the other comics around his cubicle.

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    So It Continued, With Edmonds Name Front and Center

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    And Finally Edmond Notices

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