5 Things Bronies Did To Survive The Hiatus

Everypony, rejoice! The hiatus is over. After almost a year, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is returning to television. It's been a tough road to follow, but now we get a full summer of pony loving fun. Here's all the strategies you employed to beat the long hiatus blues.

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    1. Dusted off the Old Memes

    Via: diesentry

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    2. Picked Apart Trailers

    Via: ember-zemian

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    I'll just leave that trailer here, too. Just in case you want a little more hype before the premiere...

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    3. Tweeting All The Creatives

    I'm sure it's their favorite part of the fandom.

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    4. Making Referential Comics

    Via: i-am-knot
    If someone even says "Three months of winter coolness," that song will be in my head all damn day.

    What did I do!?

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    Waiting For Season 5

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    Is Season 5 Here Yet!?

    Thankfully, we can finally celebrate. Season 5 is here! The first two episodes air on Discovery Family at 10AM EST (about one hour!). Hopefully we'll see you all there!

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    Bonus: Cheers to The Bronies Who Didn't Make It These Past 11 Months

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