6 Apple Watches You Can Make at Home

April 23 is Apple Watch day, when all those die hard first-adopters slap a new whoozy whatsit on their wrist and get giddy over acting like a detective from a 1930s comic strip.

So, either deal with your jealousy by making one of your own or show your defiance by highlighting your self reliance.

Either way, put something new on your wrist!

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    You can go for the obvious option

    Via: @YDKJersey
    It may not feature Siri, but it will keep the doctor away. You just have to recharge it (read: eat) every day.

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    Go for the multi-faceted approach

    Via: Iphonerepair4less.com
    Yes, there is an arm under there.

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    Or make a crafty one that is super cute

    Via: Hiné Mizushima
    Hiné Mizushima made this one and now sells them sometimes on her Etsy store.

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    Make one that goes BACK in time (figuratively)

    Via: Instructables
    Instructables put together this great, super-intensive looking, throw back how-to guide.

    If you have the wherewithal and the time, dive in to creating this replica of a 30-year-old computer to pop on your wrist.

    And it includes a floppy drive. 

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    Or just go the Lego route

    Via: Cult of Mac
    Cult of Mac put together a really extensive guide on creating your own lego Apple Watch.

    Their instructions make it look slightly less complicated than piecing together a credenza from IKEA. 

    Still, everyone loves Lego and it's a lot cheaper probably. 

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    Or just be really lazy

    Via: Straatosphere

    All you need is a rubber band and an iPhone. It looks like it will have most of the functionality of the watch, minus the cost of the actual watch.

    The fashion appeal might suffer, however.
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