Today Marks the One-Year Anniversary of Mario Kart 8

It's been one full year of loop-de-loops, gliders, coins, and death stares, and the most popular entry in the Mario Kart franchise since Mario Kart 64 is showing no signs of slowing down...

... unless you're playing 200cc, in which case, you should probably slow down.

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    There are plenty of First World Problems to experience.

    Via: Reisc

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    Like this one too.

    Via: Livememe

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    We've all experienced heartbreaking losses like this one.

    Via: Gfycat

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    Just plain savage.

    Via: Gfycat

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    So much anti-gravity.

    Via: Jesse Oldershaw Creative Space

  • 6

    You mess with Luigi, you get the shell.

    Via: Gfycat

  • 7

    How most of us feel playing 200cc.

    Via: Mike Bedsole

  • 8

    Not this time, blue shell.

    Via: sness107

  • 9

    Wait for it...


  • 10

    Sometimes the game doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

    Via: mustreblogyou

  • 11

    It spawned a bunch of spin-offs and fan art.

    Via: Nathan Davis

  • 12

    Don't lie, you all do this.

  • 13

    Link rollin', they hatin'.

    Via: ylitvinenko

  • 14

    There's a solution to all of Link's problems.

    Via: Lethalityrush

  • 15

    Mario Kart 8: Italy Simulator

    Via: tldrwikipedia
    Upside-down parts included.

  • 16

    Still waiting for this DLC, Nintendo.

  • 17

    Soviet Russia approves, although they probably would have wanted this to be the "red" shell.

    Via: Honest_Joseph

  • 18

    DK can finally live his dream.

  • 19

    Just remember: keep your eyes on the road!

    Via: ed8621

  • 20

    One year later, let's be real, the game needs a new name.

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