More Suicide Squad Set Pics Show Deadshot's Get-Away

After all of the hullabaloo surrounding the set of Suicide Squad, director David Ayer promised fans that outdoor shooting was over, so they could continue interneting without fear of spoilers.

Looks like he lied.

Here's Will Smith's character Deadshot repelling down a building wall, and the whole shoot was caught by fans so we can agonize over every detail! Enjoy!

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    Coming In For a Landing

    Via: Ryan Emberley
    Played by Will Smith, Deadshot, aka Floyd Lawton, is an iconic DC villain (and sometimes antihero). A sniper and assassin who never misses his mark, Floyd hires out his services regularly in Gotham City, becoming a thorn in Batman's side.

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    A Closer Look At The Suit

    Via: ryanemberley
    The suit's looking good. Here's what it looks like in the comics!

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    While The Repelling Was Probably a Stuntman, Will Smith Was on Set

    Via: tmhttn

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    Here's a Video of The Full Stunt

    Suicide squad:) #youflair #jackastors #suicidesquad

    A video posted by Zack Prohaska (@zackprohaska) on

    Via: zackprohaska
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