These 8 Different Species of Jurassic Park Themes Will Prepare You for Jurassic World

John Williams' 1993 score for Jurassic Park is maybe one of the most recognizable themes in cinema history.

Because of that, and because of this Friday's release of the franchise's fourth sequel Jurassic World, many have tried to create their own spin on Williams' classic soundtrack.

Here are some of the Internet's best.

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    Here's something if you're feeling contemplative and overblown

    Via: ThePianoGuys

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    Here's a charming a cappella one

    Via: The Warp Zone

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    This one features only one virtuosic musician tackling the theme

    Via: PLO

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    This is just trumpeter playing up to 9 different parts. It's rad.

    Via: stage&screen_tpt

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    Here's a particularly effective choral arrangement

    Via: Oytmnd0

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    Here are some goats

    Via: Marca Blanca

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    Here's the theme as a metal guitar solo

    Via: 331Erock

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    Oh and if you wanted the original score for, say, 10 hours, here you go

    Via: MyAbridged
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