You Can Be Proud of Yourself if You Get Through All of These Cringeworthy E3 Moments

What happens when you get a bunch of people who have never done stand-up comedy before trying to force humor on a lukewarm audience? You get E3 presentations, that's what. To all future E3 presenters: stop trying to be funny. It rarely ends well.

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    When Ubisoft tried to make "Battle Tag" a thing in 2010.

    Via Ubisoft
    "Is this a new type of video game?"
    "Yes, it's a video game minus the video."
    "So like, just a game?"

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    PEGGLE 2!!!

    Via Donald

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    That one time that BioWare studio general manager Aaryn Flynn got "all the feels."

  • 4

    Have YOU ever wondered what the bottom of an avatar's shoe looks like?

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    That one time that Konami tried to stage a "rock revolution."

    Via swaggaz

  • 6

    Every single second of Mr. Caffeine's Ubisoft presentation at E3 2011.


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    The entirety of Sony's E3 conference in 2006.

    Via Matt Cox
    "We've based this game on real historical Japanese battles... so here's this giant crab!"

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    That time that one guy did a drum solo for the ages at Nintendo's Wii Music presentation at E3 2008.

    Via chibi49

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    The Hoop Gawd at E3 2015.

    Via Kotaku
    What are you even doing here?

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    That one time that Jamie Kennedy presented for Activision at E3 2007 and was completely wasted the entire time.

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    When EA referred to Luke Skywalker as Luke "Skywater" this year.

  • 12

    Everything Xbox One at E3 2013.

  • 13

    Konami's bizarre conference from E3 2010.

    "It's okay, guys, I know English."

  • 14

    Jason Derulo's performance this year.

    You know who gamers really relate to? That's right...

  • 15

    Aisha Tyler gets "girl wood" at Ubisoft's press conference at 2012.

    Via TulpaTrix
    Is that akin to a ladyboner?

  • 16

    Aisha Tyler awkwardly tried to have this poor cosplayer think up a new meme for himself on the spot.

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