The Top FAIL Videos of the Week

Recap a week of disasters with the best FAIL Blog video submissions.

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    This Is Why You Always Check the Ropes Before You Get on the Catapult Ride

    Via: whattheheckisthat

  • 2

    Superslide Expectations vs. Reality

    Via: Daily Vibes

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    Listen to This Guided Meditation and Feel the Stress of Everyday Bullsh*t Melt Away

    Via: Jason Headley

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    Let's Hang out at the Corner of the Illegal Drift Race

    Via: Refined Garage
    Get REKT

  • 5

    Hong Kong Woman Loses Her Damn Mind When Her Phone Dies on the Subway

    Via: FeldBum
    What noise is she making?

  • 6

    Libyan Mig Pilot Makes an Incredibly Low Pass... Like, Really Low

    Via: don Omar811

  • 7

    Guy Transitions From Truck Bed to His Cab in the Drunkest Way Possible

    Via: Randy Power

  • 8

    This Kid Dancing to Cuban Pete Is the Epitome of Swagger

    Via: FactorXtube

  • 9

    Guy Shows off Insane Drum Skillz at a Japanese Arcade

    Via: James McVinnie

  • 10

    Epic Crash at the Tour De France

    Via: Johan Goedhart
    Wait for it...

  • 11

    Button the Sheep Is Literally Pissing off This BBC Reporter

    Via: Silvester Gubi
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