Science, You're Doing It Wrong

Your friend the Psychology major continues to post about things they know nothing about. You want to comment, but you're smarter than that. Here's a collection of those Internet whiz kids you never want to start an argument with.

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    Maybe One Day, When We Evolve

    Via: Crissphinx

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    Your Science Is Not Welcome Here

    Via: djnaden

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    Just Tell People You're A Cat Person and Be Done With It

    Via: sunflowerdojo
    You can't make this stuff up, people.

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    It's My Party, I Won't Die If I Want To

    Via: SQRLpunk

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    First They Served My McNuggets, and I Said Nothing...

    Via: Gareth_hornwood

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    Drink Mountain Dew Instead.

    Via: Prince_Vegetable

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    The Rise of the Planet of the Dinosaur Humans

    Via: brittaneex

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    Riddle Me This, Science!

    Via: Fermats_Last_Account

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    You Heard it Here First: Science Hasn't Found Skeletons From 2000 Years Ago

    Via: I_make_milk

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    The Key is to Heat the Room so the Wi-Fi Particles Move Faster

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