Fine Print Lesson of the Day: Rapper Juicy J Awards Biology Student with $50,000 Scholarship

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Last summer, rapper Juicy J announced via Twitter that he was going to award "...a 50K scholarship to the best chick that can twerk." Despite the huge response from fans, Juicy insists that twerking was not an actual requirement to win. "50K is a lot of money and I don't want to waste it on some chick twerkin' her ass," he says. "Next time I send a Tweet out about a scholarship take it serious and read the words!"
He awarded the money to Zaire Holmes, a 19-year-old mother and student at the State College of Florida who did read all of the rules and explained in a video (which she did not twerk in) why she deserved the money. "A lot of people thought you had to twerk, but you actually had to read the rules," explains Holmes. "I'm a biology major so the scholarship would be able to cover all of my lab expenses."

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