Happy Birthday Chuck Norris!

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Happy 72nd birthday to Chuck Norris, a man who became legendary, not by acting ability or martial arts talent, but because the internet DEMANDED it! Sadly, Chuck Norris did not appreciate his meteoric rise to internet fame and eventually bit the beard that fed him.

Apparently, he would prefer it if we appreciated him for his classic film "Forest Warrior" and his portrayal of a karate loving cop from the south, rather than idolizing him as a god.

Either way, our warmest wishes go out to you on your 72nd birthday, Mr. Norris! I will wear my most treasured pair of 'Action Jeans' today in your honor, doing high kicks at the bus stop while shouting your name at uncomfortable passers-by until the police inevitably arrive.

Nothing is too good for my eighth favorite action hero. Nothing!

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