I Open at the Beginning

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By roopjm
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Today I proposed to my lovely Olivia with the help of my best friend Tim. We procured an owl, yes a LIVE OWL. The handler dressed up as Hagrid, and came down to the firepit at the cabin we rented in Boone, NC. Upon seeing him come down the steps I told Olivia "looks like you got some mail." The handler walked up with the owl on his arm with a scroll of parchment tied to the owls leg. Olivia grabbed the scroll and read it... "Come seek me where my secret's found I hold the key to love unbo

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I wonder if J.K. Rowling knew how many proposals her plot device would initiate when she wrote it. Well done on carving so delicately around the time turner. I'm sure Olivia was absolutely floored by everything you did!

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