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Hate walking? There's an awkward new way of getting around the streets of Toronto: Baxi, the piggyback taxi service.

Baxi driver walker Nick Latimer hangs out in Queen West wearing a pig nose and a pink "Baxi" t-shirt, and will (literally!) pick up passengers for a fee.

The service is a promotional stunt for Latimer's film, Hogtown, a noir-ish tale of a Baxi-turned-killer.

Here's the synopsis:

An insomniac who spends his nights piggybacking people in a nightmare of a city known as Hogtown. Carl Gilmour (a.k.a. Baxi) piggybacks a slew of scum bags ranging from the mildly annoying to the armed and dangerous. These "pigs" push Carl to the edge of sanity forcing him to violent, bloody street justice. A vigilante is born. Piggybacker by day, butcher by night.

On second thought, I'll just take the subway.


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