Photoshop Battle of the Day: This Bride Cutting Her Chastity Belt Didn't Need Any Photoshopping, but the Internet Gave Her Some Anyway

An insanely badass bride cut off her chastity belt at her wedding.

The picture is already incredible, without needing any touch ups or adjustments at all.

Well, Reddit thought they'd have a go at it anyway.

While they didn't improve it, they certainly provided some interesting alternatives.

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    Some only feared for her safety

    Via: koshgeo

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    Some saw it as a grooming celebration

    Via: admancb

    It escalated, eventually becoming this masterpiece:

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    Some saw Mad Max

    Via: GallowBoob

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    Some saw a gif

    There was a problem rendering this video- The video may have been deleted.
    Via: gnostic_cat

  • 5

    Some saw Bey

    Via: whaddyahave

  • 6

    Some saw some sweeeeeeet dance moves

    Via: graphleek

  • 7

    Some heard music...

    Via: pwrusr

  • 8

    Some saw her earning her FREEDOM!!!

    Via: graphleek

  • 9

    Some just saw a beautiful wedding

    Via: workingat7
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