10 Animals With Incredible, Sometimes Adorable Screams

The internet loves a good cute animal video, but you know what we love more than cute? Weird. To that end, we've assembled videos of ten different animals screaming their little lungs out. Sometimes it's cute, and sometimes I'm a little worried bathing cats really is animal cruelty, but either way I can't stop watching them:

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    This marmot, who sounds a lot like me riding a roller coaster

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    These frogs and toads, who range from pissed cat to wind-up toy

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    Cicadas, which I'm pretty sure come straight from hell itself

    It may not seem so bad when there's only one of these guys, but imagine a whole swarm of them:


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    This sheep, clearly imitating a man he rammed off a cliff

    There's something about the look in the eye of this barbary sheep that tells me this might be an evil mockery of his last victim.

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    Goats, who sound entirely too much like people for comfot

    Via RSVLTS

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    This seal, who also sounds entirely too much like a person

    Don't mind the lady telling it to "come here" like the seal is her dog. I would have screamed at her too.

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    This dog, who is probably having a nightmare

    Sorry little bud :(

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    This camel getting ready to go for a ride

  • 9

    The adorable squeaking caterpillar

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    Cats getting baths, and otherwise objecting to stoopid hooman things

    Via mackigger

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