Dating is Hard Nowadays, Let These Web Comics Caress Your Tender Heart

Unless you are a sexy moderator for an online humor network, dating is pretty tough in this day and age. Fortunately the internet allows us to be alone together, and share situations that are relatable in an attempt to dissuade us from feeling the dreaded loneliness of our ancestors. Feast your eyes on these comics that capture those moments where dating goes wrong.

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    Speed Dating is Dangerous

    Via: Doodle For Food

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    The Most Important Thing to Remember to Do Before a Date

    Via: Channel Ate

  • 3

    Some Folks Aren't Tolerant of Online Dating

    Via: Kelly Angel

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    First Date Advice, Be Empathetic

    Via: Cyanide & Happiness

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    Not Yet, Lil' Ugly Mane

    Via: New Yorker

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    The Science of Seduction

    Via: The Odd 1s Out

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    There Are Worse Things Than Breaking Up

    Via: They Can Talk

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    It Pays to Have a Wizard Wingman

    Via: Tubey Toons

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    Violence And Romance Aren't Strangers

    Via: Toonhole

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    Everything is So Quantified Now

    Via: Pain Train Comic

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    First Dates Are Tricky

    Via: Time Trabble

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    The Lies of Online Dating

    Via: Raindog Comics

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    The Dating Ritual of the Introvert

    Via: Mandatory Rollercoaster

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    DTF (Down to Focus on Your Needs)

    Via: 1o1o1o1o1o

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    And Here's Why No One Should Date a Human

    Via: Seasonal Depression
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