After a Rough Week, Grimer Shows Us Ways to Have Fun

  • Go Hang Gliding

    Via: Benzofuran
  • Ride Your Favorite Roller Coaster

    Via: puraspokeweas
  • Play Some Sports

    Via: elgraco
  • Raise the Roof

    Via: masterledz
  • Ride a Bike

    Via: poomba24
  • LIFT

    Via: masterledz
  • You Could Rock Out

    Via: B217
  • Go to Church

    Via: brent592
  • Hang Out on the Beach

    Via: daog
  • Have a Celebration

    Via: Litagano
  • Act Out Your Favorite Shows or Movies

    Via: 4dseeall
  • Via: daog
  • Obsess Over New Pokémon

    Via: xayezi
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