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Today on The Daily What Geek: These robotic snakes will haunt your nightmares

Elsewhere on the Internets:

  • Violated: The rights of Occupy protesters by the NYPD, according to a new human rights report
  • No Time: For gun control by Congress, according to Sen. Harry Reid
  • Misinformed: Mitt Romney, when he claimed the Colorado shooting suspect acquired his guns illegally
  • Testing: Deep-fried chicken wings, by McDonald's franchises in Atlanta
  • Forfeited: A Little League game, after a coach wouldn't stop berating the ump
  • Insane: The extreme junk-food diets of high-endurance Olympians
  • Dissed: The Real Housewives, by President Obama

Lunchtime Lady: Destinee Dickerson Lunchtime Leisure: Super Adventure Pals (via) Lunchtime List: 23 Acts Of Immature Vandalism That Will Make You Giggle

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