As Halloween Approaches Behold This Monstrous List of Web Comics

As you get older, you may become beholden to the fact that monsters from the stories we were exposed to as children don't exist. Instead the monsters often come within, but try convincing a child that they may be the monster may be some facet of their being. But enough of that psychobabble, let's check out these web comics.

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    The Ironing is Delicious Like Banana

    Via: Fat Awesome

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    The Only Thing Worse Than a Monster In The Closet

    Via: Varunkvv

  • 3

    The Monster of Addiction Lurks Inside Us All

    Via: A Hamm a Day

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    But Parents Can Teach Destructive Habits

    Via: Iguana Mouth

  • 5

    Apropos If You Read Between The Lines

    Via: Mr. Lovenstein

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    If You Think About How Peanut Allergies Work It is Like Using Your Own Body Against You

    Via: Pie Comic

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    Who The Heck Refuses Boy-Meat?

    Via: Pie Comic

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    Monster's Inc. Can Be a Trigger For Some Folks Who Understand The Times We Live In

    Via: Cyanide and Happiness

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    Parents Are Terrifying

    Via: Bing

  • 10

    How I Get To Sleep in a World of Monsters

    Via: Jim Benton

  • 11

    A Family That Slays Together, Stays Together

    Via: Lunar Baboon

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    Sometimes You Forget What You Really Are Afraid Of

    Via: Jeremy Kaye

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    But Isn't Frankenstein Really The Monster When You Really Think About It

  • 14

    Loneliness is The Ultimate Monster

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