20 People Who Thought They Met Celebrities Who Were Very, Very Wrong

Most celebrities probably don't look quite the way they do on the big screen as they do in real life, but most of these people were not even close when it comes to the celebrities they thought they met. 

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    Not Donald Glover

    Via: esibebe

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    Definitely Not Owen Wilson

    Via: Facebook

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    Not Oprah Winfrey

    Via: puppymomma

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    Nope, Not Hugh Hefner

    Via: bigrich1776

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    Not Johnny Depp, Not Even If He Was Drunk

    Via: Facebook

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    Super Not Kit Harington

    Via: Facebook

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    Not Jay Z

    Via: 5one

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    Sorry, That's Not Peter Dinklage

    Via: Facebook

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    Definitely Not Maisie Williams

    Via: maisiewilliams

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    This is Not the Ed Sheeran You Were Looking For

    Via: EmmaMaxwell97

  • 11

    Still Not Ed Sheeran

    Via: livyreed

  • 12

    For Real, This is Not Ed Sheeran

    Via: jacinda_johnson

  • 13

    Not GRRM

    Via: Facebook

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    Nope, Not Ryan Gosling

    Via: MogulBagshot

  • 15

    Not Usher

    Via: instagram

  • 16

    Swiftly Backpedal, for That is Not Taylor

    Via: Facebook

  • 17

    Not Drake

    Via: bliminiricann

  • 18

    Matt LeBlanc? Nope.

    Via: Facebook

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    Not Even Remotely Lorde

    Via: Facebook

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    Not Pitbull

    Via: Facebook
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