Scorned Women on Twitter Show Their Mean Side With the Vengeful #WasteHisTime2016

Some women on Twitter are participating in a savage plan to get back at all the men who have pretended to be serious about their relationships only to waste their time. Way to start the year off right with #WasteHisTime2016! These vindictive hypothetical Tweets have started a bit of a gender war, with upset men attempting a counter with #WasteHerTime which nearly exclusively features complaints about the original hashtag. Good Internet, good... let the hate flow through you.

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    The Point of the Hashtag is To Get Back at the Men Who Have Wasted Their Time

    Via: @a__sears

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    Ideas Ranged From Harmless

    Via: @milliebattersby

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    To Petty

    Via: @Dev_Embry

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    Via: @ayee_apple

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    To Downright Evil

    Via: @casey1schneider

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    And of Course the Tech Savvy Ladies Are All About Nudes

    Via: @TbhFlirting
    Or lack thereof.

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    Via: @sassy_bethy
    Hopefully these people won't actually waste their time trying out these relationship methods.

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    And If the Savagery Just Isn't Cynical Enough For You, Even Brands are Participating

    Via: @Whataburger

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    Via: @Chilis

    What a time to be alive.
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