You Saw This Coming of the Day: Lil Wayne Hospitalized Due to "Syrup" Drinking Habit

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In case you've been on a weekend getaway under a rock, Lil Wayne has been hospitalized under intensive care after suffering a seizure from drinking too much "sizzurp," a lethal cocktail drug made of codeine-based cough medicine, fruit-flavored soda and hard candy. Although celebrity gossip sites like TMZ initially reported that the rapper was near death and had his stomach pumped three times on Friday night, the rumor was soon cleared by the following day after Wayne himself tweeted that he was doing okay and thanked his fans.

Wayne is not the first rapper to have struggled with an addiction to the Purple Drank: At least three prominent figures in the hip-hop community with a history of using the syrup have passed away from codeine-related overdoses in the past.

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