Terrible Tattoo of the Day: Meet Hostgator Dotcom

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Since 2007, 32-year-old Alaskan native Hostgator Dotcom (formerly known as Billy Gibby) has been earning money by tattoo-advertising URLs of adult entertainment sites and virtual casinos all over his face, arms and legs. After making more than $50,000, Dotcom is ready to call it quits and looking to raise $4000 to get all of the 24 ads on his face removed. Not surprisingly, the tattoos have become a roadblock for him to find a job and support his family, which led him to sell his legal name as ad space in 2009, and now, he wants to take a break from using himself as an ad space and hopefully, get his life back on track.

Hat tip goes to The Daily Dot dditional photos of Dotcom's face are available on his Flickr account.

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