If You Weren't Caught in Snowzilla, You Missed a Chance to Pull Off Some Creative Snow-Day Antics

  • Snowboarding Through NYC (with NYPD)

    Via: CaseyNeistat
  • These Cute Deer Running Through a D.C. Park

    Via: Mashable News
  • Skiing Through the Streets of NYC

    Via: NYC
  • Via: @EffsSinclair
  • Via: @AirKeynB
  • Via: @toddschnitt
  • Via: @5awaga
  • Some Snow-Angel Making Horses

    Via: polodude
  • Snow Swimming

  • @swimswamnews No days off for West Virginia swimming. #BIGXIIReady pic.twitter.com/dvs2KspRFZ

  • Via: @jperez501
  • Temporary Body Art

    Via: SiTlC
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