The Best Part of the Kanye/Khalifa Twitter Beef, Wasn’t Even Their Actual Beef

Kanye West used to date Amber Rose, who later married and then divorced Wiz Khalifa. Now Kanye is married to Kim Kardashian and Khalifa is married to weed. Khalifa made a tweet about his "KK" pot, Kanye misunderstood and dragged Amber Rose into the conversation because who knows why? Amber Rose responded and gave us the best hashtag of 2016 yet: #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch. There was also much talk about pants, are you ready for your memes yet? Good.

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    In Case You Missed It, Here's a Shakespearean Actor Reciting All of Kanye's Tweets

    NSFW Warning: As usual, Kanye did not use a filter, so neither did this actor. Now you should be up to speed on the situation.

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    Why the Twitter Rant? This is the Best Explanation

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    It's probably a very complicated situation involving past romances and artistic rivalry but it in the end, it was mainly just a misunderstanding and Kanye being Kanye.

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    Later, Kanye Took Down Most of the Tweets

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    But... Well, Kanye Himself Said It Best

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    So Bring on the Memes

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    Via @T_Marko

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    Via @jujoffer

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    Via @EricaJoy

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    Via @zpower

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    His Rant Also Inspired Some Amazing Gifs

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    Via giphy

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    Via giphy

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    The Crowning Achievement of This Moment Was When Amber Rose Responded to Kanye's Rant

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    And thus a hashtag was born.

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    Via @BuzzFeed
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