Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts to Make Your Partner Say, "No Really, You Shouldn't Have."

Picking out the perfect gift is hard, especially for Valentine's day. This isn't like any other holiday, what you pick will be seen as an expression of your love, or lack thereof. If you REALLY want to surprise your date, choose one of these splendid gift ideas. You won't be disappointed... but they might.

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    Nothing Says Romance Like a Terrifying Cake

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    Chocolates Are a Classic Valentine's Day Gift, Right?

    By mommydoes (Via: edibleanus)

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    Add Gallons of 'Passion' to Your Relationship

    By mommydoes (Via: imgur)

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    The Most 'Murican Way to Celebrate Valentine's Day

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    Or, For the Classiest Valentine's Dinner

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    This Lovely Minion Dong Thong

    By mommydoes (Via: karsona11)
    Also excellent for storing bananas.

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    Any Of These Things Would Be Great

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    Every Kiss Begins With K

    By mommydoes (Via: Ianjh)

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    The "Stuffed" is Usually Implied

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    No, Don't Do This

    By mommydoes (Via: Wasgunnabut)

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    Nothing Says "I Love You" Like a Mug

    By mommydoes (Via: fieldtrip)

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    A Preserved Octopus! How Did You Know?

    By mommydoes (Via: wolfkingarts)
    Best. Valentine's. Day. Ever.
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