Hillary Clinton's Fundraising Efforts Sparked a Whole New Kind of Email Scandal by Creating the Hashtag #ImNotKiddingMaddi

Fundraising emails from Hillary Clinton are apparently getting real desperate. The insistent wording from an email asking for money inspired the hashtag #ImNotKiddingMaddi and the memes that came from it. Guys, Hillary Clinton is not fooling around, she needs your dollar RIGHT THIS SECOND.

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    The Original Email. Subject Line: I'm Not Kidding, Maddi

    Via: @Davy8bit

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    Now Everyone Is Talking About It

    Via: @MateusJames

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    She's Serious About Those Dollars

    Via: @CassandraRules

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    Via: @MrJohnnyLemon

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    But Hillary's Not the Only One Who Knows the Value of a Dollar

    Via: @Emcee_Media

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    Hillary Used Stop Kidding.... But It Failed

    Via: Morgana Visser

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    Nailed It

    Via: Laugh Power

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    Maybe She Could Switch Careers If She's Not Elected

    Via: @hannahmalcrckrs

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    Huh, Maddi?

    Via: @Emcee_Media

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    She Gave You Fair Warning

    Via: @vivamarinita

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    Geez, the Phone Campaign is Even Worse

    Via: @McIrish2012
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