Not a Single Damn of the Day: Bearded Lady Advocates Her Lady Beard

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Mariam, the now most famous bearded lady of Britain, wants everyone to know that she is proud of her facial hair and that she's "never felt sexier." During her appearance on the UK talk show This Morning earlier this week, Mariam explained that she began sprouting a beard after giving birth to her son in 1985 and spent the next two decades plucking the hairs off her face before she ultimately grew tired of grooming herself and decided to wear it proudly. She also went on to reveal that she has been unfazed by Internet trolls leaving hateful comments on her blog and is currently traveling the world as a model and festival performer. As for the scientific explanation behind female facial har, doctors say the hair growth can be caused by various factors, such as an increase in sex hormones that can lead to excess hair growth known as hirsutism.

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