Justice Served of the Day: Instagrammed Meal Results in Identity Theft Arrest

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Oh noz, it looks like Florida Man did it again. Back in January, an undercover IRS informant met up with a South Florida couple for a fancy dinner at a steakhouse, during which they handed him a flash drive allegedly containing more than 50,000 stolen identities that could be used to file fraudulent tax returns. Upon examining the drive, the IRS was able to recover about 50 stolen identities and trace its footprint to a man named "Troy Maye." Now, catching a thief red-handed is no cakewalk, but in this case, it literally turned out to be as easy as running a Google search. After finding Maye's now-private Instagram account via Google search, the authorities were surprised to find a geotagged photo of his delicious steak dinner (shown above) from the same night he had met up with the informant. And the rest is history--the couple were promptly arrested by IRS agents and they are now facing up to 12 years in federal prison and serious fines.

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