Bubba Sparxxx Lost Weight and Twitter Can't Believe He Looks Just Like a Normal Dude

You may remember hip hop artist Bubba Sparxxx from his biggest hit, "Miss New Booty". It seems like he's changed a lot since then, he's about to marry a former Miss Iowa and he also got quite a bit thinner. Now that he's older, he's also taken to wearing "normal people" clothes instead of hip hop fashion. People of the internet are very amused by this new "accountant" look and Bubba has not missed an opportunity to respond.

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    The Before and After Picture

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    Via: @Felonious_munk

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    This Guy's Just Mad That He Was Lied To

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    Via: TheRealBubbaK
    But really, how could he have known he would be marrying a former Miss Iowa?

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    Fans Are Calling His Outfits a Little Out of Character

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    Via: @HitDaBoogieZ

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    You CAN See Me! During Normal Business Hours

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    Via: @LNastayy__
    via @VictorPopeJr

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    Bubba Sparxxx Had a Pretty Reasonable Response to All That Outfit Criticisim

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    Via: @TheRealBubbaK
    via @sumbiwenu, @LightsOutKTA, @AbrissErik, @GregDAllison,

    That didn't seem to stop anyone from making jokes though.
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