CNN Ran a False Story About Marco Rubio, Now Twitter Is Having Some Fun With #CNNHeadlines

CNN reported that Marco Rubio was planning to drop out of the presidential race. Apparently they did this without asking anyone if it was true or not, because it was very untrue. For obvious reasons, Rubio's camp is very angry. Others on Twitter have simply rolled out the memes with #CNNHeadlines to express their displeasure with this example of bad journalism.

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    The CNN Report That Started It All

    Via: Larry Simmons

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    Rubio's Communications Director Is, Understandably, Pretty Angry

    Via: @AlexConant
    And it seems like CNN cancelled his appearance with Anderson Cooper to avoid letting that play out on their show.

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    And If You Think He's Overreacting, Apparently CNN's "Source" Subtly Changed a Few Times

    Via: @BPolatseck
    Which is one of the things even non-supporters are mad about.

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    And for That Mistake, CNN Has Earned the Derision of All of Twitter

    Via: @cabot_phillips

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    Via: @cabot_phillips
    via @jvscoundrel, @AG_Conservative, @MrFlanderson,

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    Via: @DKochinskiSFRNC

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    Via: @VivianJo1
    via @MBGlenn, @ccarolson, @cabot_phillips,

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    Actually, in This Case, He's Probably a Reliable Source

    Via: @EricTeetsel
    At least you can identify him.
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