People Hated on Kim Kardashian for Her Risqué Selfie So She Owned Them on Twitter

Kim Kardashian posted a selfie of herself scantily clad in two censor bars because, of course. Since it happened on the internet, some people flocked to respond on Twitter. It turns out that Kim K.'s Twitter game is stronger than you might have thought. There may be a reason she's so famous after all.


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    Yesterday, Kim Posted a Selfie of Herself With Just a Few Well Placed Censor Bars

    Via: @KimKardashian
    Why? Most likely because that is what she does... or because Kanye has been hogging the spotlight for a little too long.

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    Some People Did Not Approve

    Via: @MW_Cross
    via Loretta126x, F**kSterling

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    Although, Others Were Very Empathetic

    Via: BradmanTV
    Maybe a little too much.

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    Then She Started Responding to Criticism

    Via: @KimKardashian
    It's almost like she was prepared for this.

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    Kim Even Responded Directly to a Few Celebrities Who Decided to Call Her Out

    Via: @ChloeGMoretz

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    You Mean This Nylon Cover?

    Via: eonline

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    She's Just Joking Around, Bette Midler

    Via: @BetteMidler

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    No, But Seriously...

    Via: @KimKardashian

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    And Piers Morgan Jumped in On the Conversation Because That's All People Know Him For

    Via: @piersmorgan
    Even if you don't think Kim's responses are that clever...

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    You Can't Argue With Cash

    Via: @KimKardashian
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