Back on the Radar of the Day: Anti-Semitic Elmo is Back in Court for Trying to Extort Girl Scouts

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Via: Gawker
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Hide your kids, because the infamous anti-Semitic Elmo is back in the spotlight. Dan Sandler, the disturbing New York City street performer who has earned notoriety for spewing hate speech against Jews, is currently facing charges for a $2 million extortion scheme against the Girl Scouts of America. In a series of bizarre e-mails, the fifty-year-old man threatened his ex-boss at Girl Scouts (that's right, he once temped as a programmer for them) that he would try to ruin the organization's name by accusing them of running an underage prostitution ring under a rather unsavory name, which happens to be a self-reference to the illegal website that he was running in Cambodia before his arrest in 1999. In exchange for his silence, Sandler reportedly demanded either a $150,000 telecommuting job or $2 million in cash.

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