A Guy Ran a Marathon With a Bloody Nose and Won This Amazing Photoshop Battle

According to the Reddit post that started this photoshop battle, this man got a nose bleed around mile two of the Brooklyn Half Marathon. Instead of quitting to find a bathroom, he stuck a tampon in his nose to stop the bleeding and ran the rest of the race wearing this pained expression. Good thing though, because if he had just quit then we wouldn't have all these beautiful photoshops.

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    Turn That Frown Upside Down!

    Via: Prof_Acorn

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    This Runner Is ALL of US

    Via: everwh1te

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    That's Why He Kept Going

    Via: tomyshotgun

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    What's a Photoshop Battle Without a Meme?

    Via: omgitsreinier

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    Or Three

    Via: anon132457

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    Don't Want to Miss One!

    Via: dragonpeeper

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    Not a Great Location for a Guy Prone to Nosebleeds

    Via: blue_awning

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    The Vicious Hounds Have Been Released

    Via: godzillaboy_

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    Suddenly That Expression Fits

    Via: BeauxDarville

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    You Really Have to Watch Out For Bears When It's That Time of the Month

    Via: whatwatwhutwut
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