Justin Bieber Gets Confronted by an Angry Dad in Walmart

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Via The Stir
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Ol' Biebs and his posse of thugs were at it again when they decided to cause a scene by riding a city bus up to a Walmart entrance in his hometown and strolled into the building like they owned the place.

He and his entourage were allegedly throwing items around the store and shining flashlights into girls' eyes. Despite this ridiculous behavior, there were still young fans that were ecstatic with their discovery of the young star. One person who was not so pleased to see how the Bieber brat was behaving was a father who decided to confront Justin and give him a piece of his mind. The man, who apparently has known Justin his whole life, vented his frustration on Facebook:

Justin shame on u ... ya know from get go I supported ur ass ... Always saying he's a kid ... Money has got to him he will find his way back ... on and on ... U disgust me....Yes I am happy I told u exactly what I thought of u...u and ur 30 goons.

I cannot believe they allow u to behave that way and r right beside u doing it ... Waltz into Walmart last night and low and behold Mr Bieber not only being a little p*k to young girls by shining flash lights in there face etc...but walking through the store like u own the place with no regards to employees or others attending the store for real purpose bouncing balls ....throwing things... opening food etc….

Shame on Walmart for allowing it to happen ... Ur parents must really be proud??? I get it fame goes to ppls heads but my god boy grow up ... so many young girls and boys look up to u let alone ur home town ....

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