The Internet Can't Stop Sharing These Famous Melania Trump "Quotes"

By now you may be aware of the little plagiarism issue that surfaced within Melania Trump's speech at the RNC. It has been pointed out that she copied an entire paragraph from Michelle Obama's first lady speech at the DNC in 2008. And that's what started the hashtag #FamousMeliaTrumpQuotes. The things she says are so wise, so... oddly familiar. Are we sure we haven't heard some of these quotes before?

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    If You Believe It Was Just Coincidence... You Should Watch This

    Now on to the memes!

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    Also, an RNC Spokesperson Just Quoted 'My Little Pony' to Defend Melania Trump's Speech

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    All of This Led to This Spot on Parody Speech

    Via: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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