Everything You Need to Know About Why Twitter Banned Milo Yiannopoulos for Trolling Leslie Jones With Racist, Sexist Comments

Milo Yiannopoulos is a British journalist for Breitbart. He's known for his trolling tweets and for sending his followers after people he fights with on Twitter. This time, he's gone too far and gotten himself permanently banned from Twitter after sending followers after Leslie Jones.

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    It Looks Like Milo Went to Leslie Looking for a Confrontation

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    Via: buzzfeed
    It's hard to keep track of where this begins since his account has been banned, but this screenshot appears to be the start of it. Leslie Jones has been getting a lot of hate from 'fans' of the old Ghostbusters movie who don't like the fact that the main characters have been gender swapped.

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    Leslie Had a Response for Him

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    Via: @Lesdoggg

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    Plenty of People Offered Support With the Hashtag #LoveforLeslieJones

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    Via: @NYCgirl_InFL
    via @MaggieLocher, @EllaStarr730, @hollytrea,@Chucko78,@yagerm,@ajgb55,

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    But... It Wasn't Enough to Drown Out the Horrifyingly Racist Comments and Fake Screenshots of Her Account Which Said Equally Awful Things

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    Via: @Lesdoggg
    Trolls were using a website called lemmetweetthatforyou.com to create fake screenshots of Tweets by Leslie Jones saying terrible stuff.

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    Finally, Milo AKA @Nero, Got His Account Suspended After Encouraging a Pointed Attack of Racist, Sexist Harassment Toward Leslie Jones

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    Via: @Lesdoggg

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    As Far as We Know, Leslie Jones Has Quit Twitter for the Time Being

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    Via: Lesdoggg

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    The Hashtag #FreeMilo Started to Trend as People Complained that Twitter Enforcing Terms of Use Violated the First Amendment

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    Via: @RHavanese
    via @_TheRevelator, @luckyp3616, @betepolitique

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    And Of Course, Some People Are Also Jumping on the Hashtag to Defend the Ban

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    Via: @Nightbob3
    via @GoodInternetGuy, @Robearbell26, @Crockadoosh,

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    And As for Milo? He's Taking Advantage of the Publicity From the Twitter Ban

    He's probably more famous now than before the ban.
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