Top 10 Doctor Who Cakes

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We have seen so many amazing Whovian cakes! Here are the best of the best!

  • 'Til The Daleks Do Us Part

    The groom is a huge Whovian and designed every detail of the cake himself. The silver ribbon was custom screenprinted with the name of the Doctor in Galifreyan script by the groom's mother. He even colored the Amy figurine's hair to match the bride's. For her part, the bride surprised him with the Doctor Who themed photo collage platform for his cake, proving that he could never find a better companion anywhere throughout time and space.
  • Enough Cake to Feed an Army!

    It may look small but don't worry, it'll feed everyone no problem.
  • Double Dalek Affair

    By DPSweet (Via: When Geeks Wed)
    When you're serious about exterminating your guests you gotta up the fire power.
  • You're Marrying Who?

    By DPSweet (Via: Neatorama)
    Marrying a Timelord comes with its own set of risks.
  • Our Impromptu Tardis Cake

    *Katherine* says: "A friend offered to buy us a cake for our wedding which we planned on a weeks notice. This is what the baker came up with based on the quick description of a Tardis. I think its perfect."
  • Watch Out! Daleks!

    This cake is too dangerous, I can't watch!
  • Every Whovian's Dream Proposal Cake

    By DPSweet (Via: Nerdache Cakes)
    Just try to deny the power of this masterful cake!
  • Exterminate Frosting!

    They're protecting the cake, I promise!
  • Dalek-tible

    By DPSweet (Via: froggy_dear on Flickr)
    These dapper Daleks will classy up your wedding and the last few moments of your existence before EXTERMINATION.
  • Critical Overload

    Let's see, Doctor Who, RPG dice, cats, Stargate... what this could really use is a Star Trek reference, 'cause this cake can't take anymore, Cap'n!!
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